The Dangerous Myth of Deregulation

They say getting rid of regulations frees up businesses to be more profitable. Maybe. But regulations also protect you and me — from being harmed, fleeced, shafted, injured, or sickened by corporate products and services.

VIDEO: Rep. Tulsi Gabbard: End the Unconstitutional War in Yemen Now

For too long, the United States has turned a blind eye to the atrocities being committed against civilians in Yemen by the Saudi-U.S. coalition. Just last month, the Saudi-led coalition dropped a U.S.-made bomb in adevastating attack on a school bus that killed 40 children; just the latest in a long string of horrors in this genocidal war that has killed tens of thousands of Yemeni civilians, with bombs and mass starvation, creating the worst humanitarian crisis in the world.

Opinion: Trump’s Policies Will Displace the Dollar

The benefits that the US reaps from having the world's main international currency are diminishing with the rise of the euro and renminbi. And now President Donald Trump’s misguided trade wars and anti-Iran sanctions will accelerate the move away from the dollar.

The Climate Crisis and How We Fix Our World for the Future

The world is not only facing climate “change” we are facing a CLIMATE CRISIS.

For thirty years, scientists have warned that we were changing the climate and now those predictions are coming true with a vengeance:

  • The five hottest years on record have all taken place since 2010
  • The 2017 hurricane season caused more damage than any other natural disaster in U.S. history
  • California wildfires devastated a million acres. 
  • And weather events have cost the American economy alone 240 billion dollars a year

We need to start addressing this climate crisis and we need to have started yesterday. This video series addresses some of the major ways that we can address our climate crisis: Looking to countries around the world, holding corporations accountable, debunking myths about renewable energy jobs, changing how we talk about the climate crisis, and finally, the individual steps that we can take.

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