On the Frontlines: A Mayor's Roundtable

The Sanders Institute brought together four mayors who are truly on the frontlines of the progressive movement at The Gathering. Mayors Bill DeBlasio of New York City, Carmen Yulin Cruz of San Juan, Michael Tubbs of Stockton California and Ada Colau of Barcelona Spain came together to share innovative progressive policies, successes they have had and plans for the future.

The Housing Crisis

At the Sanders Institute Gathering, Senator Bernie Sanders, actor and activist Danny Glover, CEO of Champlain Housing Trust, Brenda Torpy and President & Founder of Healthy Housing Foundation, Michael Weinstein sat down to talk about the housing crisis in America.

We are the wealthiest country in the world. We spend seven hundred billion dollars on the military. We just gave a trillion dollars tax break to the top 1% and have spent trillions bailing out Wall Street. Clearly, there is no lack of resources to address the housing crisis. This is a lack of political will. And this is something we must change.

International Roundtable

At the Sanders Institute Gathering, Senator Bernie Sanders, Mayor Ada Colau, MP Niki Ashton, economists David McWilliams and Jeffrey Sachs, and Yanis Varoufakis former Finance Minister in Greece sat down to talk about the fact that we all share common goals for our countries and the world. We can learn from each other, we can help each other, and we can join together.

The Labor Movement: Essential to Democracy

When unions are strong, all workers are better off. Yet, for too long we have devalued the role of labor in our economy and in our country. It is time to stand up and fight back!

At the Sanders Institute Gathering, labor leaders from around the country came together to talk about the path forward. They talked about specific goals for individual unions like the Postal Workers Union advocating for a postal bank and vote-by-mail, successes that unions like NNU have had in educating their members and encouraging activism, and the path forward for our country as a whole.

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