A Simple And Smart Way To Fix Climate Change

In this TED talk, Dan Miller explains his journey to towards paying more attention to climate change and how he believes this country can lead the world to reduce the impacts of climate change.

After examining the scientific proof and consensus, Miller looks at why humans are less likely to believe that climate change is occurring and describes that the usual "threat indicators" that we use to determine whether we are in danger (visible, immediate danger, caused by an enemy) are not present in climate change. 

However, there is a "need to urgently and dramatically lower fossil fuel emissions." To do so, Miller proposes a "Fee and Dividend" policy. Under this policy, there would be a fee on the CO2 content of fossil fuels. The money collected from that fee would be given as a dividend to every leal resident of America which would help offset the increase in prices. Ultimately, because the wealthy use more CO2 than the poor and middle class, the dividend would disproportionately benefit those classes. 

In addition, Miller suggests a border duty from other countries who do not have a similar fee on carbon that would encourage other countries to implement similar policies. 

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