Closing the Women's Wealth Gap

Month's after the Women's March, this video lays out the difference between the wealth and income gap. They explain that while women earn 79 cents to the dollar that men earn, there is an even larger gap between how much women own: “Women own only 32 cents on the dollar that men own, and black and Latina women own pennies on the dollar compared to white men and white women”

This large wealth gap exists for a number of reasons, including:

1) Women make less than men

2) Women are more likely to work part time (usually because women are caring for family members)

3) Women often can't access tax subsidies that encourage savings (because of the way they are structured)

Robert and Elena call to keep pushing for pay equity, affordable childcare and, paid family leave to address this disparity. Ultimately, they advise that whenever your local area, state, or national government is considering legislation, it is important to ask: "who benefits?" Ultimately, legislation that benefits women, benefits all of the United States.

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