Debunking The Myths Of Climate Change Denial

In this video from a number of years ago, Dr. Marshall Shepherd looks at the scientific proof behind climate change and addresses what he calls the "Zombie theories" of climate change - arguments for why climate change isn't real that have been debunked again and again by climate scientists but still exist (even years after this video was released). These zombie theories include:

1. That climate change is natural - he explains that the normal, natural change is superimposed on the "steroid" (CO2) that humans are adding to the atmosphere

2. It is caused by the sun - he explains that scientists understand the sun's cycles and that those cycles do not explain the warming

3. We can't trust the climate models because we can't trust the weather - he explains that this is incorrect because weather is trying to predict events while climate models predict a broader state. Dr. Shepherd describes that  "weather is your mood, and climate is your personality."

4. Scientists want grant money - Dr. Shepherd explained that  if scientists want grant money it would be in their interests to say "we don't know what is going on, we should do more research."

5. We have been warmer in the past - he explains that while, yes, it has been warmer, that time period was when dinosaurs existed and the world looked completely different.

Watch the video to hear Dr. Shepherd talk about more zombie theories.

Dr. Shepherd ends his talk with the plea that we bring public awareness of and outlook on climate change in line with scientists' views. 

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