Dr. Cornel West comments on NFL Protests on Anderson Cooper 360

CORNEL WEST: "I think the president needs to get off the symbolic crack-pipe. And have a sense of reality. The reason why these courageous young people are standing up is because they have a love for black people, a love of justice, a love of fairness, and they are concerned about a racist criminal justice system. And it is a beautiful thing to see this kind of moral and spiritual awakening taking place among the athletes, so they represent not just athletic excellence, but they are now aspiring to spiritual and moral excellence.

Excellence is about unarmed truth, unapologetic love, you step down in order to let the world know you have a love for these people who are not being treated right. You have a love for these people who are being treated unfairly.

You know, I am a Christian, so every flag is under the cross for me. The cross signifies unarmed truth, unapologetic love.

Patriotism is fine, but when it scapegoats Mexicans, Arabs, Jews, gays, lesbians, trans, etc. When it scapegoats black people and brown people, there is a critique to be brought to bear in the name of truth and in the name of love. 

It's fairly clear that President Trump has a disrespect for the American people, he has a disrespect for the flag when he scapegoats American people, and when he lies to the American people.

Mendacity is a form of violation, in patriotism. It is a form of violation in the face of truth, and in the face of love.

So the question becomes: How wonderful to see the white brothers and sisters, all the different colors standing up out of a love for black people who are being victimized too often by a racist criminal justice system."

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