Jeffrey Sachs at the Global Solutions: T20 Summit

On May 20th, 2017, Professor Jeffrey Sachs addressed the Global Solutions T20 Summit in Berlin. In this speech, Sachs puts our current economic, social and environmental crises into historical context and addresses the importance of new ideas and solutions to the most pressing issues facing the world today, specifically those in the 2030 agenda of Sustainable Development Goals that were unanimously decided upon in September 2015 by a group of world leaders. You can watch the full video and download the transcript here. 

"I believe our job is to think, and think clearly, and to think honestly, and to think about the future, and to show how the Goals that our governments agreed upon in a moment of lucidity in 2015 – the Sustainable Development Goals, and the Paris Climate Agreement – can actually be achieved. I am not talking about how they can win the next election and do it, frankly I do not care, though I do not think it is impossible, I do not care which politician wins election or not; I would advise you not to care also. Because that is such an uninteresting question among the many fascinating questions we have; it is much more interesting to ask how can we save 5.9 million children who will die this year under the age of 5 because we have not solved that problem yet adequately with finance and with the delivery of services; or it is very interesting for us to ask the question how can we achieve SDG 4 to ensure that every child in Africa and every child elsewhere gets at least a secondary education by the year 2030. That is a great question. That is so much more interesting than the next election. That is really to make the world safe. And how can we achieve what the scientists have told us cogently we need to achieve, and which we even promised to achieve in Paris on December 12 2015 – the de-carbonization of our energy system worldwide." -Professor Jeffrey Sachs 

Download the transcript of the speech here: Jeff Sachs T20 Summit Transcript


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