Senator Bernie Sanders And Bill Nye Discuss Climate Change

Senator Bernie Sanders and Bill Nye sit down to discuss a number of issues around climate change, energy, and the future of science in America.

Bill Nye begins his description of the current issue around climate change with a description of the consequences of doing nothing - including that sea level rise would displace millions of people around the globe and disproportionately affect lower income, and third world countries. He describes that "the science is settled" and skeptics are misinterpreting scientific uncertainty about minor elements of climate change to be uncertainty about the entirety of climate change. 

They then discuss the transition to renewable energy. Bill Nye mentions his support for the "Solutions Project" that has laid out a plan that will transition the United States to 80% renewable energy in 15 years and 100% renewable energy in 30 years through converting all transportation to electric modes, and covering every roof with solar panels. Nye encourages young engineers to innovate and create a new electric grid that would collect electricity from all across the country. 

Ultimately, Nye states that he wants to be able to find common ground on climate change and make this country the leader in renewable energy technology, space exploration, and addressing climate change. 

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