The Climate Change Debate - Last Week Tonight With John Oliver

In this video, John Oliver makes light of the current climate change "debate."

He criticizes the media for their coverage of the issue on two fronts:

He argues that the media should not be reporting on public opinion of whether climate change is caused by human activities because of the strong scientific consensus on the issue. He states that a poll about climate change is not a poll about opinions, it is a poll about facts. "You might as well have a poll that asks "are there hats?""

He also criticizes the media for their coverage of climate change in using an expert from both sides, because "when you look at the screen, it's inherently misleading" and creating the visual that it is an equal argument, when in reality 97% of scientists endorse the position that humans are causing global warming. 

To "correct" the situation he holds his own "debate" using 97 people who argue that climate change is caused by human activity, and three people who argue that it is not. 

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