The Colbert Report: Bill McKibben And The Keystone XL Pipeline

In this video from the Colbert Report in 2012, Bill McKibben describes the issues with the pipeline and calls individuals to act - action that led to a halt of the pipeline under the Obama administration.

McKibbed describes that his goal as an activist is to change the world for the better - when confronted by Colbert about the affects that environmentalists have on the day to day lives of citizens (gas prices and buying different cars) McKibben replies that "with any luck we are the people who are going help you get the plug in hybrid car that does so well on gas that you forget which side the gas cap is on” and that “Our goal now is to keep the planet working so that when you drop the top [of your car] it’s still alright outside”

McKibben describes that we are already seeing substantial changes in the environment with 1 degree of warming and that we should beware of burning more without further extreme consequences. 

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