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Climate Change Fact Sheet v5


  • The Climate Crisis and How We Fix Our World for the Future

    The world is not only facing climate “change” we are facing a CLIMATE CRISIS.

    For thirty years, scientists have warned that we were changing the climate and now those predictions are coming true with a vengeance:

    • The five hottest years on record have all taken place since 2010
    • The 2017 hurricane season caused more damage than any other natural disaster in U.S. history
    • California wildfires devastated a million acres. 
    • And weather events have cost the American economy alone 240 billion dollars a year

    We need to start addressing this climate crisis and we need to have started yesterday. This video series addresses some of the major ways that we can address our climate crisis: Looking to countries around the world, holding corporations accountable, debunking myths about renewable energy jobs, changing how we talk about the climate crisis, and finally, the individual steps that we can take.

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  • Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

    While the best thing that we can do to fight the climate crisis is to join together (our recent video featuring founding fellow Bill Mckibben covers how to do this), we can also pair these group actions with the individual ones that climate organizations have been pushing for years.

    This article outlines some of the ways that we can reduce our individual carbon footprint through: being more energy efficient in our homes, choosing renewable power, eating foods that have lower carbon footprints, making green travel choices, and recycling.

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  • What Can I Do About Climate Change?

    People ask me all the time: 'what can do to fight climate change?' And it's a great question... The biggest thing an individual can do is become a little less of an individual. We must join together with others to form the kind of movements that can push for changes big enough to matter.

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  • We Are All Climate Refugees Now

    This summer's fires, droughts, and record-high temperatures should serve as a wake-up call. The longer a narrow and ignorant elite condemns Americans and the rest of humanity to wander aimlessly in the political desert, the more likely it is that we will all end up in a wasteland.

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  • How We Talk About Climate Change

    What are the most effective weapons in the fight against the climate crisis? New energy sources? New technology? Political action? One of the most powerful tools we have is the language we use to talk about the issue.

    In this video, Bill McKibben describes the ways in which both the public and the media can change the way that they talk about the climate crisis to ensure that all Americans understand what is going on, what is at stake, and what we can do to address it.

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  • The Renewable Energy Jobs Myth

    One of the largest myths about addressing climate change is that transitioning to renewable energy from fossil fuels (especially coal) will create a net loss of American jobs.

    This video outlines some of the key reasons that we should support and encourage renewable energy jobs around this country.

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  • The Private Sector & Climate Change: Holding Corporations Accountable

    The future or our planet depends on us taking action against climate change. The United States of America needs to take a closer look at the economic policies that encourage and allow companies to contribute to climate change and global warming.

    In this video, Bill McKibben addresses some of the ways that we can hold corporations accountable and stop actions that negatively affect the environment: we must get money out of politics, encourage taxes that reflect the true cost of pollution, incentivize the right types of activities, and get the penalties right when companies harm the environment.

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