Immigration Fact Sheet 2


  • 7 Truths About Immigration

    A record high of 75% of Americans now say immigration is a good thing for the country. 

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  • Rep. Tulsi Gabbard Calls to Keep Families Together, Sustainable Solutions to Broken Immigration System

     “The Trump Administration’s use of children as pawns in the immigration debate is despicable and must end now."

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  • The Unconstitutional Census Power Grab

    The Trump administration’s decision to alter the 2020 Census to ask people if they are American citizens is an unconstitutional power grab that would hurt many disadvantaged Americans.

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  • The Immigration Debate We Must Not Lose

    In this article, Dr. James Zogby describes his family's immigration story. During the 1920s, "he US Congress was in the grips of a nativist xenophobic fervor. Congressional debates termed Syrians as "parasites" with one Senator saying "we don't need any more Syrian trash coming here". Visas for Syrians and other "undesirable countries" were to remain frozen for almost three decades." 

    Zogby links his father's inability to get a visa to the current political situation of many undocumented immigrants - facing racism from elected officials. 

    "In the past, because of hard work and the fact that some leaders listened to "the voices of our better angels", the vision of the welcoming "Lady in the Harbor" has won out. It is our fight today to make sure she wins again. The soul of America is at stake. We dare not lose."

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  • Why We Must All Fight for the Dream Act.

    By repealing DACA - Deferred Action For Childhood Arrivals – Trump has endangered both these young immigrants and the economic security of America.

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  • Why We Need Sanctuary States

    California lawmakers have just passed “sanctuary state” legislation - the first state since Oregon, which 30 years ago passed a law preventing state agencies from targeting undocumented immigrants solely because of their illegal status. 

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  • DACA Explained

    This Vox video gives an overview of DACA: Its history, who is eligible for DACA, and the protections that those individuals receive when they become DACA recipients.

    It also describes the events that led to the Trump Administration revoking the program in September of 2017.

    The video ends with a few statistics describing how DACA has changed the lives of those involved in the program:

    • 69% got a job with better pay

    • 61% opened their first bank account

    • 65% bought their first car

    • 65% pursued educational opportunities they previously couldn't

    "When those protections expire over the next weeks, months or years, they will be back where they started before 2012: unable to work legally and constantly at risk for deportation." 

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