Sustainable Development


  • America Is Falling Far Behind On Key World Goals

    July 2018

    The idea of sustainable development is that every nation (and local community) should aim for a triple bottom line: economic prosperity, social justice and environmental sustainability. However, many of our politicians have never warmed to the idea.

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  • The Sustainable Way Forward for Canada's Energy Sector

    May 2018

    Oil seems to make politicians lose their bearings. The get-rich-quick mentality or too-much-to-lose thinking is very hard to overcome.

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  • The World Bank Needs To Return To Its Mission

    February 2018

    NEW YORK - The World Bank declares that its mission is to end extreme poverty within a generation and to boost shared prosperity. These goals are universally agreed as part of the Sustainable Development Goals. But the World Bank lacks an SDG strategy, and now it is turning to Wall Street to please its political masters in Washington. The Bank’s president, Jim Yong Kim, should find a better way forward, and he can do so by revisiting one of his own great successes.

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  • World Government Summit 2018 - The Global Happiness Policy Report

    February 2018

    Professor Jeffrey Sachs and Professor John Helliwell discuss how governments can benefit from the first-ever Global Happiness Policy Report.


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  • The US Plutocracy's War on Sustainable Development

    November 2017

    Billionaire US plutocrats such as Charles and David Koch, Robert Mercer, and Sheldon Adelson have long played their politics for personal financial gain - even if it means boosting inequality at home and blocking sustainable development worldwide. To stop them, US citizens will need to regain the upper hand in electoral politics.

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  • Overview SDG Index and Dashboards Report 2017

    July 2017

    This article includes excerpts from the 2017 SDGs report - a report that looks at the world, and individual countries' movements towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

    The exerpts look at the goals of the SDGs, what they are, and how certain areas and countries are doing in achieving the SDGs. It specifically looks at the "spillover" effects that countries have on other's ability to reach the Sustainable Development Goals.

    The report comes to five main conclusions:

    1. Every country faces major challenges in achieving the SDGs

    2. Poor countries need help to achieve the SDGs

    3. The universal SDG agenda contains important spillover effects

    4. Countries should usefully benchmark themselves against their peers as well as against the goal thresholds

    5. Countries and international agencies need to make substantial investments in statistical capacity to track the SDGs

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  • 2017 SDGs Report Top 10 Countries

    July 2017

    The 2017 SDG Index and Dashboards Report includes individual analyses of each country in regards to their progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals. This article focuses on the top ten countries in regards to the scores given in this report, and provides the United States (Ranked 42nd) as comparison. 

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