Foreign Affairs


  • A New Grand Coalition for Germany and Europe

    November 2017

    With America AWOL and China ascendant, this is a critical time for Germany and the European Union to provide the world with vision, stability, and global leadership. And that imperative extends to Germany's Christian Democrats and Social Democrats.

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  • Op-Ed: Safety at home and abroad, from terrorism to food security

    September 2017

    Nothing is more important than the safety and security of the people of Hawaii and our country. As a member of the Armed Services and Foreign Affairs Committees, I am focused on keeping the American people safe from threats to our national security, environment, communities and fellow citizens.

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  • A Legal Look At A NAFTA Termination Timeline

    August 2017

    This article looks at the legal arguments behind President Trump's statement about terminating trade deals and specifically NAFTA.

    "The general assumption is that Section 125 of the Trade Act of 1974 gives the president power to withdraw from trade agreements as long as he holds a public hearing on the matter - that is, unless he decides it would be “contrary to the public interest.”" Others argue that " Congress may still have more power over withdrawal than many lawmakers and other government officials recognize"

    Tags: Trade, NAFTA
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  • America’s Dangerous Anti-Iran Posturing

    August 2017

    More than ever, we need an era of diplomacy that emphasizes compromise, not another round of demonization and an arms race that could all too easily spiral into disaster.

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  • Discussion of Ideological & Legislative Responses To Terrorism

    June 2017

    At this panel discussion and press conference held in New York City on June 24th, 2017 by the Interfaith Unity for Tolerance, Representative Tulsi Gabbard joined a panel discussion about how academic and legislative responses to terrorism are complementary approaches that will provide long term and intellectual responses to terrorism.

    In a press release about the event, the IFUT said that this discussion "will lead towards nuanced understanding and informed solutions."  

    Gabbard said, “I think that there has been a concerted effort both on the part of some in the media, as well as many in politics, and many in our foreign policy establishment seem to have been advocating for a continuance of these regime change wars, really ignoring the fact of what has been the consequence of these wars in countries like Iraq and Libya and Syria, where each time we have waged these wars, [it] has resulted in the strengthening of terrorist groups like Al-Qaeda or the creation of ISIS [Islamic State, IS, formerly ISIL], and it has resulted in a tremendous amount of suffering and death for the people of these countries."

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  • Germany Breaks A Solar Record - Gets 85% Of Energy From Renewables

    May 2017

    "On April 30th, Germany established a new national record for renewable energy use. On that day and throughout the long May 1 weekend, 85% of all the electricity consumed in Germany was produced from renewables such as wind, solar, biomass, and hydroelectric power."

    This article delves into the funding and success of German policy around renewable energy sources. Germany expects that "days like April 30 will become “completely normal” by 2030, as the federal government’s Energiewende, or energy revolution, begins to really reap the benefits of the investments made in renewable energy resources since 2010." 

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  • There’s No Strategy Behind Trump’s Wars — Only Brute Force

    April 2017

    "Trump's wars are now all over the map. The peace movement can fight back by joining already thriving intersectional campaigns."

    This article, written by Phyllis Bennis and highlighted by Danny Glover, investigates the foreign policy approach under the Trump administration. It describes the focus on raw power and war as opposed to diplomacy. "According to the British human rights monitor AirWars, well over 1,000 civilians may have been killed by U.S.-led forces just in Iraq and Syria in March alone, the highest monthly total they’ve ever tracked."

    Bennis suggests that there is a way for the United States, and factions therein, to turn back towards diplomacy. He states "What we do know is that everyone - from Syrians, Iraqis, Afghans, Somalis, and Yemenis to those of us in this country — needs diplomacy to win out over war. We’ve faced wars for decades now, but we’ve also had some victories where negotiations triumphed over force — in Cuba, in Paris at the climate talks, and most especially in the Iran nuclear deal."

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